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DeafDigest – 11 July 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 11, 2019

— these two deaf annoyances

A newspaper posting pointed out two deaf annoyances –
watching captions at the bottom of the screen and
missing out on the movie action above it; watching
the interpreter at the end of the stage and missing
out the theatrical action in the middle. These
two annoyances are what deaf people are used to!


— no free distribution yet of these iPhones

California distributes free these telecommunication
devices for the deaf. Been doing that since the early
1980’s as it is part of the state law books. There
was an issue regarding no distribution of these
iPhones! TTY devices are pretty much obsolete,
but iPhones have become popular with the deaf for
these text messages. This issue was raised in
a newspaper article.


— Vermont finally doing something to help the deaf

Austine School for the Deaf, in Vermont, closed up five
years ago. Since then, there was so much talk but no
action on fixing the problem. The school provided
services for the deaf and when it closed, these
services disappeared. Finally the state has decided
to do something about it – to hire a director
that would coordinate such services. Hope it works
this time.



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