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DeafDigest – 12 July 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 12, 2019

— a hospital twist that is puzzling

Blanchfield Army Community Hospital, Fort Campbell, KY,
serves the military as well as non-military patients
that live in the area. For deaf patients, VRI is offered.
The newspaper story, however, did not say what happens
if a deaf patient refuses VRI, preferring a live
interpreter. The twist is that some of the hospital
staffers get together twice a month to learn ASL
via video chat. To teach the staffers some basic
ASL but only to steer deaf patients towards VRI!


— deaf on The Bachelorette reality TV

We have many reality TV programs in USA.
New Zealand is coming up with its own
The Bachelorette New Zealand reality
program. Six young women are auditioning
to become the program’s first Bachelorette.
One of them is Lily McManus. She is said
to have a hearing loss. According to
TV insiders she is favored to win the
audition. Does she use sign language?
Probably not.



— copying Sheetz

Sheetz is well-known for highway convenience
store/gas station stops in the eastern
part of USA. Deaf people love Sheetz for
one reason – touchpads that allow them
to place meal orders without struggling in
communications. Anyway Sheetz may have
a copycat in Indiana. Which Wich Superior
Sandwiches has opened up for business,
with touchpads, in New Albany. The owners
feel the deaf people will love these
touchpads. The dream is that all food
stores will offer touchpads in USA.
It it realistic? Hope so!


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