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DeafDigest – 15 July 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 15, 2019

— the deaf without interpreter and with interpreter

How do hearing people look at the deaf that are without
interpreters as compared to those with interpreters?
This issue was put up for discssion on a web posting.


— app to tell deaf the value of paper money

A software company is asking for an app
to help the deaf know of the value of their
paper money. In other words, telling the
deaf that the $5.00 bill is five dollars.
Is that app necessary? Is that app insulting
the intelligence of the deaf? All deaf people
know that $5.00 is actually five dollars!


— more dangerous to walk on the sidewalk

Is it becoming more dangerous for the deaf to
walk on the sidewalk? Many scooters zip by
these deaf people, often as a matter of inches.
If a deaf person changes direction of his walk
right in front of the scooter then ugly
collisions might happen. Hearing people can
hear the sound of the scooters; the deaf can’t.
And also the deaf can’t hear the screaming by
these scooter riders to get out of the way!



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