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DeafDigest – 16 July 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 16, 2019

— interesting viewpoint of the deaf by a past professor

Harlan Lane, who was widely acclaimed for his published
books on the deaf, has departed us. He was always supportive
on the needs of the deaf – yet his interest was different
from most professors that work with the deaf. He was
more interested on how hearing authors “label” the
deaf, much in a negative way. He would read all these
books, making a list of different labels that
hearing authors describe the deaf. Just as an
example, his list would say the deaf have been
labelled as:

1. functionally illiterate
2. oral
3. ASL
4. having employment issues
5. having underemployment issues
6. etc
7. etc

Lane did not agree with these labels hence
his interest in looking for more labels.


— a messy ADA lawsuit ends in a defeat for deaf patient

A deaf woman lost her ADA lawsuit against the hospital
nurse that coordinated her medical needs. Everything
went wrong. The interpreter came with her to for the
obstetrician appointment but did not come with her
for the emergency room appointment. The nurse,
without an interpreter, wrote notes that the deaf
woman nodded as if she understood. The ultrasound
equipment went bad. The VRI was blurry. The nurse
couldn’t find a replacement interpreter. The court
said the nurse did everything reasonably appropriate,
trying to accommodate the deaf patient even when
things went wrong. It took place in Louisiana.


— deaf people not interested in Open Caption Pilot Program

Deaf people living in the greater Washington, DC area are not
interested in D.C. Theaters’ Open Caption Pilot Program. It
is not shocking. Many deaf people live in Maryland and
Virginia and it is a transportation hassle to come to
DC to watch these open captioned movies. Pushing very
hard for this pilot program is the National Association
of Theatre Owners; deaf people are pushing back because
they want open captions in theaters near their homes at
all times. It has become a stalemate that no one wins!



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