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DeafDigest – 17 July 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 17, 2019

— deaf-hate posting in Facebook

A hearing woman did not like a deaf woman.
Because of her hatred she posted an anti-
deaf comment about the deaf woman’s deafness
on her facebook page. The upset deaf woman
then blocked these messages but the angry
hearing woman found a way around it. She
was arrested and brought to justice in
the court room.


— not all deaf people are the same

Many hearing people think all the deaf people
from all over the world are the same – same
sign language, same culture, same interests,
etc. This is wrong – same thing as not all
hearing people are the same!



— keyless cars may be dangerous for the deaf

The Kentucky Commission of Deaf and Hard Hearing
is warning people that keyless cars may be dangerous
for the deaf. A deaf woman died of carbon monoxide
poisoning. She forgot to turn off the engine in
her keyless car and the car continued to run all
night. Hearing people may hear the motor running.
The deaf can’t.



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