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DeafDigest – 18 July 2019

— a new Delta plan

Delta plans to look for their employees that
are ASL-fluent (knowing more than 300 ASL signs).
Delta wants them to put their ASL pin on their
uniforms so that deaf passengers can ask for
assistance. Will it work? Hope so. Not every
deaf person knows ASL. And the 300 signs is too
low to be “certified” as ASL-fluent. And just
because flight attendants may know some ASL
does not mean they can read ASL! And what if Delta
finds out too late (hint – just as when the plane
is nearing the airport) that this flight attendant
knows some ASL. It happened to DeafDigest editor.


— important interpreter evaluation bill becomes law

Gov. Tony Evers, Wisconsin, signed into law the bill
Assembly Bill 250 which requires interpreters to be
certified. And to be part of the certification committee
are deaf members and already-certified interpreters.
Hope this bill works. DeafDigest editor is tired of
interpreters that do not sign that well, and even,
worse, do not read signs that well! This is not a joke.
Thirty years ago, the RID interpreters were the best.
Not always that so, nowadays.


— changing from Sainsbury’s to Signsnbury’s

Sainsbury is a top supermarket chain in Great
Britain. To honor deaf people that shop for
groceries at their supermarkets, one store
in one town is being renamed Signsnbury’s
for three days. Will Safeway change its
name to Signway or Whole Foods change its
name to Whole Signs and so on, in USA?
Or even Trader Joe’s (two blocks from
Gallaudet) change its name to Trader ASL?
Probably not!



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