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DeafDigest – 24 July 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 24, 2019

— deaf coffee or deaf pizza

Which is a closer walk from Gallaudet to a
deaf coffee place or a deaf pizza place on
H Street NE, Washington, DC? Starbucks is
closer, near 6th Street. Mozzeria will open
up near 13th Street. In other words a walk of
approximately seven blocks between both
deaf places, but Starbucks is a shorter walk to


— modeling and selling clothes on TV

Zi Wei, who is deaf, is the host of a TV
livestreaming program, modeling and selling
her clothes. Viewers could buy these
clothes on-line if they like what she is
modeling. It is not an easy job for her,
as she may model as many as 60 different
clothes in the 6-hour long livestreaming
program! Can get quite exhausting at the
end of the day.


— disabled contestant joking about sign language

Ryan Niemiller, a disabled hearing contestant, is
auditioning for a spot on the “America’s Got Talent”
TV program. He said that when he left a restaurant,
the hostess thanked him (for coming) in sign
language. He wasn’t sure if the hostess thought
he had a hearing loss in addition to his physical
disability, so made a joke out of it. Not sure
if joking about it is good manners or is bad manners!



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