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DeafDigest – 25 July 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 25, 2019

— Deaf Starbucks Malaysia vs Deaf Starbucks USA; Malaysia wins 2-1

We only have one Deaf Starbucks in USA and it is in
Washington, DC, not too far from the Gallaudet
campus. Starbucks Malaysia just announced the opening
of their second Deaf Starbucks any time real soon.
Why not other Deaf Starbucks in Frederick, Rochester,
Austin, Fremont, Indianapolis, New York and other
major cities where deaf population is high? Anyway
Malaysia leads USA 2 to 1 in their Deaf Starbucks


— A medical facility continues to refuse interpreters

The Mid-Maryland Musculoskeletal Institute has had,
from time to time, deaf patients that seek treatment.
And this facility was mentioned in a posting of
refusing intepreters five different times over
the years. Even with these Section 504 and Section 1557
as well as ADA regulations, that facility still
has not learned a lesson! At any rate, that
facility has signed an agreement to provide
interpreters for future deaf patients. Habitual
offender? Yes!



— useless movie captioning device

A deaf man with his girl friend went to a
movie theater in Pinellas Park, Florida
and asked for a captioning device. It did
not work; he went back several times to
exchange these devices, hoping to find one
device that finally worked. It never worked
at all – thus wasting an hour of these
back and forth trips. The ADA states that
these devices must work and that a staffer
must know how to get it installed properly.
The theater gave him refund for the movie
they were not able to watch – but never
got an apology from the theater manager!



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