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DeafDigest – 26 July 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 26, 2019

— world’s youngest interpreting student

Ifeanyi Obiego, just 8-years old, is the world’s
youngest interpreting student. He is a Coda and
an agency, after watching him interpret as a
volunteer, was so impressed and immediately
awarded him a scholarship to attend a
interpreting program. Not happening in USA
because of child labor laws – but it is happening
in Lagos, Nigeria. A great idea? Certainly no;
just let him grow up first.


— Rochester as a booming deaf community

Daily Beast, a web site devoted to local news
and stories, ran a long article about
Rochester, NY as a deaf-community hub
for two reasons – Rochester School for
the Deaf and NTID. It said many deaf
people stay in the area, and for that reason,
it has become deaf-friendly. It parallels
these deaf friendly locales of Washington, DC,
Austin, and others.



— the hated, and confusing, wording

An agency put out this wording that not only
is hated, but confusing. It says:

Sign language interpreter services will be provided
only upon request, with notice as far in advance as
possible, but no less than three full business days
prior to the day of the event.

It punishes last-minute interpreting requests
but does not punish hearing people that show up
at the last minute!



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