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DeafDigest – 29 July 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 29, 2019

— Deaf Hotel in a Hearing TV movie

Hallmark just featured a new movie –
Love in Rome. The hotel which was a big
part of the movie was Hassler Roma.
This hotel is owned and operated by
Roberto Wirth, who is deaf. His hotel
is considered to be one of the five best
hotels in the world. Roberto, who was born
in Switzerland, was educated at American
School for the Deaf, Gallaudet and NTID –
before he made hotel services his goal
and his career. DeafDigest believes it is
the first time a movie featured a deaf
owned business! Was Roberto featured in
the movie, in a cameo appearance? No.
Any mention of deafness in the hotel
scenes? No.


— Starbucks’ first deaf shift manager

Does Starbucks, near Gallaudet, have a
deaf shift manager? Do not know. Anyway
Muhammad Aizad, who is deaf, is the shift
manager at the Deaf Starbucks Malaysia.
Does he supervise sign-language
hearing employees? Hope so, becasue many
hearing employees hate being supervised
by a deaf boss!


— a fact or a joke

A fact or a joke? A web news posting said:

The National Association of the Deaf has been supportive
of the new proposal. However, they have expressed concerns
about banning the use of hand signals because it could be
stigmatizing for deaf fans.

This refers to:
The Major League Baseball Players Association has announced that
“On-Field Cell Phone Use” is a major agenda item in the next
collective bargaining agreement. The players union wants MLB to
equip the players, coaches and umpires with smartphones.

A joke? Of course – but do keep in mind deaf major leaguers
of way back in 1880’s and 1890’s helped develop hand
signals for the benefit of hearing baseball players and
hearing fans (Dumny Hoy, Dummy Taylor and Ed Dundon).


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