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DeafDigest – 30 July 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 30, 2019

— deaf business owners dealing with hearing customers

Do deaf business owners deaf with hearing customers?
Some do; some don’t. DeafDigest mentioned that Roberto
Wirth owns Hassler Roma and that he is deaf and that
patrons are hearing. DeafDigest interviewed Wirth
years ago, asking him how does he deal with hearing
patrons. He said that he doesn’t but has hearing people
at the front desk, at his restaurants and at his other
hotel facilities. Every morning he has face to face
meetings with his three top-level hearing department
administrators to discuss issues, ideas and problems
they may have had during the previous day. In other
words, when there are problems, Roberto is the first
to know about it!


— cannot understand gestures

François Caradec, who is not deaf, collects gestures
used by every one all over the world. He said there
is no such a thing as a simple gesture that people
everywhere would understand. He is correct. Years
ago DeafDigest editor was in Barcelona. At a restaurant
for a morning breakfast, he pointed to the menu which
indcated “breakfast eggs” and gestured “scrambled
eggs.” The waitress could not understand it and
asked for the manager. The manager could not understand
it, and asked for the restaurant owner whom could not
understand it. After repeated gesturing attempts,
they finally understood it.



— bad restaurant comment by an employer

A restaurant owner said:

A deaf person will not be at the front counter.
They are hired to clean up tables or to clean up
the bathrooms.

He is correct – but we are seeing more and more,
ever slowly, deaf people doing “hearing” tasks
that they would have never been permitted to do
so in the past!


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