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DeafDigest – 31 July 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 31, 2019

— deaf people in legal disagreements with hearing people

When deaf people get into serious disagreements, going
into mediation is one choice. The mediator listens to
both sides and decides who is right and who is wrong.
A mediator said words are very important – the wrong
word could lose the case; the right word may help
win the case. And when deaf person signs with body
language, it may or may not influence the mediator.
This is important – that mediator be made aware that
a sign could be interpreted in several different
words, and that the interpreter must know how
to interpret the right word. Not an easy task, but
very challenging!


— a rare TV station

When there are captioning errors, many TV stations
would either deny these happened or refer the
complaints to FCC. Well, the WWNY/WNYF TV station
in Watertown, NY is rare. This station says for
all captioning issues to be emailed them (without
saying that FCC should be the one that handles
these). And also that this Watertown station said
they do have issues with captioning equipment and
with program providers! Other TV stations won’t say
it but Watertown did.


— The Delta uniform and the ASL-fluent flight attendant

Delta announced that flight attendant uniforms may have
a pin saying they are ASL-fluent. What is going to happen
if an ASL-fluent flight attendant refuses to wear the
pin? Delta said it is an option for them. They cannot
be forced to wear the ASL pin if they refuse!



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