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DeafDigest – 01 August 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 1, 2019

— Nyle’s experiment with hearing

Years ago a deaf man did an experiment. He hung out at an
apartment swimming pool where many 20’s, 30’s something
hearing people would hang out and make friends with
each other. He wanted to know how many of them would
approach him for a social chat. None did. Fast
forward – Nyle DiMarco is premiering on a TV
program – What Would You do? He entered a restaurant
hoping to strike up a sign language conversation
with a waiter. Yes, these waiters freaked out.
Not really a surprise.


— Alexa in ASL

Could Alexa communicate in ASL with a deaf user?
Abhishek Singh, himself not deaf, has developed
a sign language Alexa. It is not just yet ready
for the marketplace. Will it work? Sign language
has so many dialects and “accents” that a computer
inside Alexa may have problems recognizing!


— death is a big loss

Café Coffee Day is to India what Starbucks is
to USA, a mecca for coffee-lovers. The
founder – V G Siddharth – passed away.
While growing his chain nationwide, he made it
a point to hire the deaf whereas no one would
hire them. Will his successor continue to hire
the deaf? Hope so!



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