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DeafDigest – 02 August 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 2, 2019

— Amazon’s hero deaf employee

Marnie Wilson, who is deaf, is Amazon’s hero
employee. Her job title is Amazon associate,
and she works at the Shakopee, Minnesota
warehouse. There are always issues at huge
warehouses – boxes get misplaced, boxes can
get crushed in the conveyor belt, computer
cannot read the box labels, etc. You name
it and the warehouse has experienced it.
Marnie’s job is to catch these errors
and to make quick fixes. She was featured
in a newspaper story.


— #1 advice for deaf that don’t enroll at Gallaudet or NTID

There is an important advice for deaf students
at colleges which is not either Gallaudet or NTID
– go to the Office of Disabled Services and inform
them of needs (interpreters, CART, etc). For some
reason there are deaf students that don’t
follow that advice.


— our deaf helicopter pilots

We have a good number of deaf airplane pilots
but what about deaf helicopter pilots? Just
two – according to a member of the
Deaf Pilots Association. Operating a
helicopter more difficult than operating
an airplane? Don’t know.



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