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DeafDigest – 05 August 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 5, 2019

— a big fictional story of a deaf man

Nick Andros, a fictional deaf character, is
in a position of power, in control over
hearing people – in the upcoming TV story,
The Stand. This deaf character is played by
Henry Zaga, who is not deaf. CBS not
wanting to cast a deaf actor in a deaf role
in a big TV movie? Very disappointing.


— hiring the deaf

Kyle Duarte, not deaf, is the CEO of Everyone at Work,
an agency in Iowa that pushes for employment of
the deaf and the disabled. He said:

Iowa has achieved the lowest unemployment rate in the
nation, which is amazing, but this also means many
employers are in desperate need of new workers to fill
current vacancies and to continue to expand and grow

This comment is true, but would these employers
still hire the deaf even when they are that
desperate to fill vacancies. Just hope so.


— deaf in the security field

DeafDigest has mentioned that the police force of
Oaxaca City, in Mexico, has hired the deaf to
watch the videos to catch criminal acts.
How good are these deaf security people?
Security experts and international
governments from other nations have visited
the Mexican video facility to see for themselves
how good these deaf people are!



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