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DeafDigest – 07 August 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 7, 2019

— anti-bias training not 100 percent attended

A newspaper story said that only 94 of 508 Lincoln
Police Department (Georgia) received anti-bias
training. We are talking about less than 20
percent being trained. Why? Bad attitude or
bad apathy or laziness?


— misleading headline

A headline said:
App that helps deaf communicate without sign language


There are many deaf people that do not sign and
also have no speaking skills!


— watching a movie; three options

A Frederick, MD activist said that for a deaf
family to watch a movie, there are three
options, not all of them pleasant!

First option is – wearing glasses (that can
get quite uncomfortable and what if glasses
break down)

Second option is – watching captions on a
screen (can easily miss the action while watching
the captions and what if screen does not
operate well)

Third option is – go to an open captioned
movie (yes, best option only if the showing
is shown at a convenient hour and at a theater
near the family’s home). No one wants to
drive 30-40 miles away to an open captioned
theater; and no one would skip work to watch
an early hour movie! And what if the
projector operator forgets to turn on the

DeafDigest adds a fourth option – wait, wait
and wait for the movie to be shown on cable
TV. It may, or may never! And, yes, the
cable operator may forget to turn on the



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