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DeafDigest – 09 August 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 9, 2019

— complying with ADA is not always enough

When a hospital or a police station purchase communications
equipment just to comply with ADA regulations, it often
is not enough. Many hearing employees have not been
trained to operate the equipment! This was the accusation
an advocate pointed out in a newspaper interview! This is
the same as in past years when hearing operators did
not understand what GA and SK meant in a TTY conversation.


— the Fox Theatre (St Louis) captions

The 8th U.S. Court of Appeals said that Fox Theatre
(plays, concerts, etc) must provide captions – if a
deaf person requests it, but with at least two weeks
in advance. Two things to point out – last minute captioning
requests will be denied. A hearing person can attend a
theatrical performance at the last minute; the deaf can’t!
And the theatre has one more option – the Supreme Court.
The appeals vote was 2-1, and not unanimous, by the way.


— not all captions are the same

A veteran captioner made this comment:

there is no industry standard for captions

True or not true? Don’t know!



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