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DeafDigest – 12 August 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 12, 2019

— 911 misunderstanding, thinking caller was deaf

Cincinnati is facing a lawsuit over a 911 mistake.
The dispatcher could not understand the 911 voice
call and thought the caller was deaf. The
dispatcher then switched to a TTY machine, but
got no response. By the time the dispatcher and
the police figured out the call, the caller
died as a result of an accident. The upset family
is filing the lawsuit for that “deafness” reason.


— deaf people to see 500 different noises

Brandon Marin, Greyson Watkins and Spencer Montan,
all of them deaf, are starting a new company
with a special invention that would help the
deaf see which noise is which. It all started
when Montan’s house was flooded because of
broken water pipes. He couldn’t hear the
burst pipes – hence the idea of an invention
helping the deaf identify the noise. They
said the special device can have 500
different noises programmed into it.


— pressure on business people to hire the deaf

Business people want to hire more employees, but
are afraid to hire the deaf. For that reason,
big money people (billionaires) are pushing
these business people to hire the deaf. Hope
it works. This was the big story today.



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