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DeafDigest – 13 August 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 13, 2019

— deaf in karate school

DeafDigest editor was vacationing in New Hampshire and
went to a karate school to watch his grandson practice
his karate moves. The editor asked the school general
manager if he had deaf students taking karate lessons.
He said he had a few but said that teaching the deaf
is different from teaching the hearing. The hearing
depend on verbal instructions while deaf just follow
the instructor’s hands and moves. This is not to
say deaf cannot succeed in martial arts. We have had
Dawn Birley, who won national Canadian TaeKwonDo
(hearing) championships. We have Garrett Scott, a
ranking Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter. And also
a number of deaf MMA fighters, including
Matt Hamill.


— newspaper wrong about deaf-owned brewery

A newspaper in New Zealand said that Richard Emerson
may be the world’s only deaf brewer; he owns a giant
brewery in New Zealand. DeafDigest ran a story on
him a while ago. But he is not the world’s only
deaf brewer. Mark Burke, who is a Gallaudet
graduate, operates his Streetcar 82 Brewing Co.
in Hyatttsville, MD. The big difference is that
the New Zealand brewery is huge while Burke’s
brewery is small – but the beers they both brew
are great.


— newer deaf device better or duplication?

DeafDigest editor is tired of newspaper stories
about a new deaf invention (alerting signalers,
captioning glasses, sign language computers,
etc) all saying that it would change the
way the deaf people live in this world.
Are these new inventions really better
or is just duplicating each other?



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