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DeafDigest – 16 August 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 16, 2019

— angry deaf driver

A deaf driver from Texas made this angry comment:

I’m a deaf person who uses my voice, but that doesn’t mean I can hear.
So when I get pulled over, they’re assuming I’m not respecting them,
that I’m not paying attention.

That angry deaf driver is correct – and besides not every
deaf person with great speech also knows ASL



— rewriting a movie or a play script

Many script writers do not like to make changes with their
movie plots or play plots. If the plot specifcally asks
for a hearing actor, the script stays the same. But from
time to time, to accommodate a deaf actor, the script
gets changed. Two examples come to mind – the late
Victor Galloway played a few scenes in “The River
Wild.” And Bob Hiltermann, another deaf actor, had
a script changed for him in one TV program.



— ADA in a big war with Domino’s

Many deaf people order pizza from Domono’s
but it does not mean that this pizza chain
is making the web friendly for them.
Domino’s, suppported by the Chamber of
Commerce, wants the Supreme Court to weaken
the ADA laws! They said web standards are
vague and confusing.



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