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DeafDigest – 20 August 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 20, 2019

— deaf detainee files lawsuit against ICE

ICE is a dirty word among these immigrants
(both legal and illegal), and especially so
for Raul Alcocer Chavez, who is deaf.
While being detained, he needed medical
attention, and asked for a device to
help him communicate with the medical
people. ICE told him – no, sorry!
As a result he has filed a lawsuit,
with assistance of Southern Poverty
Law Center.


— deaf wins over big and mighty Walmart

DeafDigest editor shops frequently at a
local Washington, DC Walmart and had
bumped into a shift supervisor, who
is deaf and formerly played football
at Gallaudet. He was always complaining,
but would not elaborate, on the reasons
he was unhappy at Walmart – even though
he supervised a group of hearing
employees. He quit Walmart – and ultimately
filed a lawsuit on grounds of job
discrimination (no interpreters during
staff meetings). He won, and Walmart is
out $100,000. DeafDigest does not
know where he is right now but hopes
he is doing OK.


— Delta tips for deaf travelers

Delta has developed a travel guide for deaf
and disabled travelers. Especially for
the deaf only, one such tip is to
download their Fly Delta app that would
allow ease of commmunications with the
Delta personnel.



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