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DeafDigest – 22 August 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 22, 2019

— deaf chef in communications with kitchen staff

Deaf chef Bruce Price (yesterday’s DeafDigest)
said his staff needs to learn how to communicate
with him – be it whiteboard, understanding
his voice, gestures, etc. He said in due time,
the staff gets used to him.


— biggest insult thrown at the deaf

A deaf brother and a deaf sister wanted to become
motorbike racers. They had to take special lessons
on how to race motorbikes to get qualified for
these races. One racing school turned them down, saying:

a blind can be on racing tracks, but never a deaf

Fortunately for these two deaf racing candidates
another racing school accepted them without
question. This took place in Kerala, one of these
bigger cities in India.


— Burning Man avoids the deaf

The Burning Man is a big event at Black Rocket
City in a remote part of Nevada. Theme of
that event is to emphasize principles of life
through community and art stories. Anyway,
deaf people attend this event. It was
interpreted for them in the past – but
no more. As a result, Buring Man has
been slapped with a lawsuit for that reason.



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