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DeafDigest – 23 August 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 23, 2019

— Burger King refuses to serve a deaf woman

The Burger King drive-in in Oklahoma City refused to
serve a deaf woman. The server told her that they
were too busy to serve her! In the past the
deaf woman had no problems with them when ordering
at the drive-in. Anyway, the deaf woman was stubborn
and refused to drive away, forcing the restaurant
to call police to get her to get out. The Burger
King management immediately fired the employee
and issued the deaf woman an apology, and ordered
all Burger King employees in all units in Oklahoma
City to be retrained.


— refusing to discuss business on voice phone

A deaf businessman, that uses hearing aid,
says he refuses to use voice phone to discuss
business, said there is too much misunderstanding
of numbers, dollars, dates and other details.
If the phone call is just social chat, then
it is OK, but if business, no! To discuss
business he uses email and text. For some
reason he won’t use voice relay services.


— law students mocking a deaf student

A group of law students was part of a skit
at a social event. They mocked a fellow deaf
student because of his deafness. After
an uproar, the law students apologized.
It was the law students at University of
Canterbury in Great Britain, not in USA!
They said the mocking was part of an
annual student tradition.


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