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DeafDigest – 29 August 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 29, 2019

— advocate pushes for captions on top of TV screen

An advocate has pushed for captions on top of TV
screen, saying it would make the screen better for
audience viewing. Good idea? Well, if one is a
sports fan, then top captions would block showing
of scores, game clock and team color identification.
Bottom line – no such a thing as perfect placement
of captions!


— puzzling “too busy” comment

DeafDigest mentioned that a Burger King server was
fired for telling a deaf drive-in customer that he
was too busy to serve her and for her to come
inside to place the order. What is puzzling
is that the server is too busy to serve her
at drive-in but “not too busy” to serve her
inside. Is there a difference between order at
drive-in and order inside? No difference.
A cheeseburger order is a cheeseburger order.
Would that server say the same thing to a hearing
driver at the drive-in if he placed exactly the
same order the deaf woman wanted?


— common complaint by users of captioning equipment

A common complaint by deaf users of captioning equipment
is this – when movie starts, they have to wait for
the captions to show up. After waiting endlessly
they realize the equipment is broken!



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