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DeafDigest – 30 August 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 30, 2019

— deaf “able”, and deaf “not-able”

A newspaper story said that able refers to an
all-deaf staff in a restaurant, dealing
with hearing patrons. What about not-able
which woul mean just one deaf staffer in
a restaurant that has all-hearing staff
and patrons all hearing. Just a play
on these able and not-able phrases?


— a wild sign language rumor

Rumors can go wild. At a video games conference
a video person gave a speech, saying that
these games should have sign language. At
the time of the speech, another video person
was working with interpreters. Putting one and
one together a new rumor came out that
a new video game would have a deaf character
in the “Half-Life 3” video. Even
disability rights advocates pushed the
rumor to new heights. The problem?
The game – Half-Life 3 has not existed
in the first place!


— discrimination outside of workplace by workplace employees

A deaf employee is not invited to a retirement party. Also
not invited to a “TGIF” beer party at a nearby bar.
Also never given non-work memos that have been distributed
to all hearing employees. Never invited to participate
in Super Bowl pool or the NCAA pool. Discrimination
or not – even when these are not part of the job
description? ADA violation or just a social snub?


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