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DeafDigest – 02 September 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 2, 2019

— Worst Seinfield TV character

Seinfeld TV Series had a nine year run
that ended in 1998, as one of the most
famous programs. Re-runs continue and
do keep in mind that Marlee Matlin
was cast in one episode. Anyway
there was a posting about these
“worst Seinfield characters” and
Peterman, as the boss. He “took”
advantage of one of his “employees”
that had a hearing loss. For that
reason, it was the “worst” Seinfield


— airline blocks deaf-blind passenger

Zamir Dhale, who is deaf-blind,
was enroute to Geneva to attend the
United Nations confrence on the
disabled. He has traveled everywhere
in the world in the past, but this
time AirAsia blocked him. The
airline said deaf-blind people cannot
travel alone. It took some hassling
with the airline personnel before
he could board the flight several
hours later.


— noisy factory loves deaf employees

There was a story about Valence, an
aircraft manufacturer in Everett, Washington,
many employees. The factory is noisy, no problem
for deaf employees. Hearing employees learn
some sign language, because of deaf employees
and because noise prevents voice communications.
Deaf employees stay at job whereas hearing employees
leave for jobs at Amazon, Boeing and others!



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