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DeafDigest – 03 September 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 3, 2019

— a new feature with future movies

The Walking Dead is now adding captions on
movie trailers to tell the deaf people what
is coming up in their new films. This is great
because no one likes to watch trailers after
trailers, all not captioned, thus boring
the deaf until the featured film comes up.


— deaf forklift operator wins his job back

A deaf forklift operator was successful with his
job for many years before he was demoted to
a less skilled job. The company did not want
deaf people to operate forklifts, hence the
reason for his demotion. He sued. The courts
said the company discriminated against him.


— the disappearing pizza chains

There was a story about pizza chains getting
fewer and fewer over the years. Mentioned
are Pizza Hut, Cici’s, Little Caesars,
Papa John’s and others. DeafDigest is
mentioning this in view of the announcement
of Mozzeria’s plans to expand its chain to
as many as 12 outlets over the years. Just
hope Deaf Pizza is better than Hearing Pizza!



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