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DeafDigest – 04 September 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 4, 2019

— opportunity for deaf interested in magic

We have a good number of deaf people that do
magic tricks. Some of them are stage performers.
How do they learn magic? Possibly by taking
lessons or by self-teaching. Well, one
company is captioning its magic-training
videos. Hopefully this is the beginning of
all other hobby-training videos being


— airlines helping the deaf

Delta – flight personnel wearing ASL pins

Virgin Atlantic Airways – giving deaf
passengers their own ASL pins

Southwest – voice for relay services and TTY use

United – asks deaf passengers to identify themselves

Which is best? The best thing is a safe, and hassle-
free flight!


— a piece removed from cars

In one city, in an effort to eliminate noise
pollution, a group is pushing to have
horns removed from their cars. If it
succeeds it may be great for the deaf –
in that it may prevent road rage
directed at them, by angry and impatient
hearing drivers, upset that they don’t
“respond” to horns!



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