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DeafDigest – 06 September 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 6, 2019

— hard of hearing people say lipreading fails sometimes

An advocate who is hard of hearing said there are ten
different reasons why lipreading fails them? One
reason is interesting – depending too much on captions
instead of watching actors’ lips!


— KFC great way to serve deaf drive-ins

KFC, very aware of difficulties some chains deal
with deaf drive-in customers, came up with an
idea. This chain developed a training video
to show all employees and all managers how
to deal with a typical deaf-drive in. They
say it is working very well. Hmm, lets’ see
if other chains will copy KFC’s idea? The
concern is that if employees are shown the
video 6 months ago, will they immediately
remember the steps to take? Many forget what
they learn unless it is repetitive.


— worldwide chain laughs at deaf

A deaf woman ordered a prepaid cellphone card,
but there was a misunderstanding over the cost.
As a result she overpaid. When she protested
and wanted the refund on the overpayment,
the clerk laughed very hard. The deaf woman
felt the clerk was mocking her deafness.
It took place at a 7-11 store, not in
USA but in the Philippines. This incident
went viral and as a result, the customer
care specialist from 7-11 Philippines
is now trying to get this matter taken
care of with an apology.



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