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DeafDigest – 10 September 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 10, 2019

— a twist in a deaf prisoner lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed in Georgia but with a
twist – it is not only just prisons
discriminating against deaf prisoners, but
that the state parole system is not
accessible to deaf parolees.


— KFC mess, again, Jack in the Box mess

Some big fast food chains would get into trouble
with deaf customers. Recently a KFC window person
told a deaf person he was too busy (and was
fired). And now this A Jack in the Box person
refused to serve a deaf person, and also
mocked her deafness; this deaf person stood
her ground for two hours and was still
refused service. If it is good news, the
Jack in the Box person was fired. Next
fast food, next Deaf Mess! And next
Fast Food Law Suit. This may never stop.


— city employees post video mocking the deaf

Employees of the City Emergency Services Department
in Lumberton, NC posted a video making fun of the
deaf. City officials were upset about it, and have
asked the North Carolina Division of Services for
the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to give a
sensitivity training session.



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