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DeafDigest – 11 September 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 11, 2019

— definition of disabled

What is disabled? An advocate said as long as the person is
not in hospital then that person is not disabled. Yes,
it means the deaf as well as the wheelchair and the blind!


— medical care for deaf only or for both deaf and disabled

Joanna T. Bisgrove, who is deaf, practices Family
Medicine in Oregon, a town in Wisconsin. As a younger
woman her goal was to provide medical care only for
the deaf and the hard of hearing. But her
views changed and she provides medical care for
the deaf, the hard of hearing, the disabled and for
women and for other disadvantaged groups.


— 4th non-existent deaf nation

In the past we have read about these three non-existent
deaf nations (Islay as written up in a novel; deaf colony
in Georgia proposed by John Flournoy, and a relatively
recent attempt to establish Laurent, SD as a ASL-speaking
town). Here is a fourth one nowadays – Deaf Republic,
as idealized by a deaf poet. Fifth deaf nation
coming up????



Deaf jobs – latest update

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