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DeafDigest – 12 September 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 12, 2019

— Coda hairstylist and the deaf customer

In a newspaper story a Coda hairstylist said that
her deaf parents never got a haircut, uncomfortable
in the chair and explaining the choice of a haircut
with the hair cutter. DeafDigest editor is comfortable
with a hearing barber, even to the point of traveling
from home to another part of the city. He, however,
would not go to other barbers, by the way!


— refusing to hire the hearing

Gary Hopkins, not deaf, owns a chain of coffee
houses. He only hires the deaf to work for him,
saying they are better employees. The Coffee house
chain is not in USA, but in South Africa.


— deaf volunteer firefighters

We have deaf volunteer firefighters, helping to fight
fires in smaller American towns. Exactly how many
do we have? A newspaper story said we have
several. What is several? A few (1 to 5)
or quite a few (6-10) or not too many



Deaf jobs – latest update

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