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DeafDigest – 13 September 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 13, 2019

— Deaf Dollar or Hearing Dollar

Russell Stein, deaf owner of Mozzeria, the
pizzeria in San Francisco, was quoted
in an interview, as very slightly revised:

I read an article recently that shows how in Asian
communities, a dollar circulates for 28 days. In the
Jewish community, it’s 19 days. In the black community,
it’s 6 hours. In the Deaf community, that dollar is gone
out of the community in just seconds.

DeafDigest’s response:
Employing the deaf in the Mozzeria kitchen is more
important than worrying on how long the Deaf Dollar
stays in the Deaf Community! It is not realistic
to drive 40-50 miles to a deaf-owned store just to
make sure the Deaf Dollar stays in the community.


— sharp decrease in lipreading percentage

A deaf woman who works as a Legal Assistant said
that the last time she was tested for lipreading
she was rated at 98 percent accuracy but admitted
that it is now around 70 percent accuracy in
everyday life. This is not a surprise – those that
run lipreading tests may possibly inflate the
percentage to make their audiology clinic look good?


— hearing man angry that Burger King hired a deaf person

A hearing man tweeted, saying it was wrong for Burger
King to hire the deaf as order taker. Burger King
responded, and was praised everywhere for shaming
that hearing man. It could only take place in



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