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DeafDigest – 17 September 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 17, 2019

— written communications not always the best

Some deaf people love written communications. Some
deaf people don’t like written communications.
An advocate said:

If you use written communications, make sure you are understood.

This is important because head-nodding with a smile does not
always mean written communications is understood!


— first-ever in Hollywood

Deaf writers. Deaf producers, Deaf creators. Deaf actors.
All in a Sundance TV show! This is the “This
Close” program. First-time all-deaf-all-everything
in Hollywood. Just hope hearing audience loves it.
This is the most important thing.


— Customer Service, no; Accessibility Experts, yes!

British Airways will no longer allow its Customer
Service team to handle issues with deaf and disabled
travel. Instead, a new team – Accessibility Experts
team will handle it. A hint for American airline
groups that know nothing about the needs of
the deaf?



Deaf jobs – latest update

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