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DeafDigest – 18 September 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 18, 2019

— police to the food rescue

Yet, again another fast food incident, a deaf
man was refused service at the Taco Bell
drive-thru in Kettering, Ohio. The deaf man
stood his ground, insisting that he be served.
Police was called in – instead of arresting
the deaf person, they helped get the order for
him! As a consequence the server who refused
was fired and the staff had to be retrained!


— witnessing deaf issues with the servers

When fast food places refuse to serve the
deaf, is it because of past unpleasant
experiences with them? DeafDigest editor,
over the years has witnessed:

an oral deaf person insisting on using
hard-to-understand voice to place a
complicated order. Wouldn’t write notes.

a hard of hearing person haggling with
a the check out counter person, voice
only. Wouldn’t write notes.

Each incident took about five minutes
to resolve, with the line getting longer
and longer.



— deaf soccer player’s deafness insulted by opponent

A 17-year old deaf soccer player, in a recent game,
was insulted about his deafness by an opponent.
It took place in Great Britain. Can’t happen in
USA? Well, there are always insults everywhere
in the world. It is always unfortunate that is
happens. The hearing player’s team is looking
into this matter, saying one player’s actions
do not reflect on the entire organization.



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