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DeafDigest – 19 September 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 19, 2019

— all interpreter program students pass their courses

Is it possible, a 100 percent pass rate by all
interpreting program students at a community
college? Certainly there are alwys some
interpreting program dropouts, but a 100 percent
pass rate? This “achievement” was announced
at a graduation ceremony. All stories, however,
may raise some red flags. It said:

no one is sure how many students achieved that


— cleaning up negative sign language

For years deaf people have used negative name-signs
for friends that were deaf but with other disabilities.
These name-signs were accepted in the past, but possibly
no more because of political correctness. It is happening
in Belgium where deaf people have been asked to stop these
negative name-signs. Hopefully this will spread all over
the world.


— Starbucks’ confusing roles

Do Starbucks support the deaf? Well, there was a big
story years ago of deaf New Yorkers filing a discrimination
lawsuit against Starbucks. Yet, Starbucks established a
deaf coffee place on H Street in Washington, DC, not
too far from the Gallaudet campus. Still, Starbucks has
refused to donate a penny to help promote the annual
H Street Festival. Starbucks good and bad to the deaf,



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