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DeafDigest – 20 September 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 20, 2019

— deaf in “face-to-face with hearing” jobs

Years ago an intellectually-challenged deaf man
was employed in a supermarket, doing all these
jobs – stocking, sweeping the floors, bagging
the goods, carrying bags to customers’ cars, etc.
All of a sudden the supermarket was short of
check out cashiers and grabbed the deaf man
as a last-minute cashier with minimumal training.
They found he did such a great job that he became
a permanent cashier. This being said, there
was a survey today which said:

95 percent of customers said that having a deaf
cashier led to faster service, high efficiency
rate and near-zero errors.


— Tennessee Highway Patrol problems with deaf calls

The Tennessee Comptroller’s Office said that the
Tennessee Highway Patrol 911-dispatch system
has problems forwarding deaf-help calls to
the police drivers. This is not the best news.


— reason tech companies create apps for deaf

According to a newspaper story, tech companies
want to create apps to help the deaf and the
disabled. The reason is to help business for
these tech giants.



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