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DeafDigest – 23 September 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 23, 2019

— just seven interpreters employed by New York courts

A newspaper today said that only seven interpreters are
employed by the New York court system, and all of them
work in the New York metro area. Would that mean
no interpreters for courts in the bigger New
York Cities (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse)? Also
seven interpreters is not enough! For that reason
there have been delays with the deaf in the
court room due to unavailable interpreters.


— forgetting a sign for a word

An article today says there are people that forget
a certain word for a story they were trying to
tell. It also said this happens to sign language
users that forget a certain sign for a certain
word. This is a nightmare that hearing speakers
and deaf signers face!


— stick shift driving may be dangerous to deaf

Could deaf people drive stick shift cars? Of course!
It requirees balance with both feet while letting
go of the clutch and stepping on the gas pedal.
This footwork requires sense of timing acquired
by experienced drivers. It is just that hearing
drivers hear the pressure on the gas pedal.
Deaf drivers cannot hear it. For one deaf
driver, it resulted in an accident – because
he temporarily lost his sense of timing
between the clutch and the gas pedal!
The car “ran off” and hit other vehicles.



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