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DeafDigest – 24 September 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 24, 2019

— Gallaudet to expand internationally

Gallaudet University has reached agreement with
the Federal Government of Nigeria to establish
a University for the deaf. It will be located
in either Abuja or Shagamu. It has been the
trend of American universities to expand
both nationally and internationally.


— a company ordered to hire ADA consultant

A company lost ADA job discrimination lawsuit.
The company had to pay damages; had to undergo
training – and one more thing – the judge
required the company to hire a full time
ADA consultant! This is probably a great, but
a judical order. In most cases, retraining
is enough to make the judge happy.


— a dinner conversation led to beach alert system

Randy Dean, not deaf, has two deaf sons. Randy,
a safety officer for L.A. County Department of
Beaches and Harbors, was having a dinner
conversation with one son. That son casually
mentioned that deaf people depend on flashing
signalers. That led to Randy’s idea of mounting
a beach-long string of strobe lights to alert
deaf people of emergencies. That simple a
casual comment!



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