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DeafDigest – 26 September 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 26, 2019

— difficult for European deaf to understand Brexit

When Brexit issues are being discussed at the
EU Parliament or anywhere in the media, the
deaf people have a hard time understanding.
A big reason for it is lack of captions! This
is what a deaf British activist said.


— an obit printed something vague about captions

In an obit, it said the deceased worked for
TV Time and that this organization was the
first to get involved with closed captions.
True or not true? The WGBH, a Boston PBS station,
was the first one to carry captions during
the seventies. Helping develop the testing
and the approving of use of Line 21 for
captions was the National Bureau of Standards.
How and to what extent was TV Time involved?
A captioning veteran said:

I never heard of TV Time. During my years
with open and closed captions, there was
never any discussion of TV Time.


— 7 month count-down for a deaf-owned business

Spring 2020 is about seven months away. For
Mozzeria, based in San Franciso, the goal is
to open a new pizza place on H Street, NE
near Gallaudet on or by Spring 2020. Just
hope San Francisco-built pizza tastes the same
as Washington, DC-built pizza. Water and
dough tastes differ region by region, city by



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