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DeafDigest – 01 October 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 1, 2019

— deaf attending a hearing conference

Could a deaf person function well while attending
a hearing (professional) conference? A Conference
& Incentive Travel magazine raised this issue
in an article. From personal experience, DeafDigest
editor has seen a keynote speaker moving back and
forth across the stage, blocking the view of an
interpreter; captions not working at all; CART
not working at all; being ignored when a hand
is raised to bring attention; communications going
so fast across the table that the interpreter
couldn’t catch up; being lost for a few minutes
when the interpreter goes to the restroom, and
so on.


— ransomware hitting the deaf

Ransomeware is scary. We must deal with it.
There was a story today that Demant, one of the
world’s largest manufacturers of hearing aids,
was hit by ransomware. The company expects to
lose around 94 million dollars. Demant?
Where? In Denmark. Yet, still scary.


— involved or not invovled with genetically deaf babies

Maria Vorontsova, not deaf, is stuck in an angry debate
about genetics in babies. The issue is – should a
baby be born naturally or be created deaf or be
created hearing? This article was published in the
Bloomberg today. Maria Vorontsova? Who is she?
She is the daughter of Vladimir Putin! A Putin
involved with Deaf Culture? She is an endocrinologist.



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