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DeafDigest – 02 October 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 2, 2019

— hating it the most

What do a deaf person hates the most? Being
invited to a hearing party and not able to
carry on a conversation with a hearing person
because of the crowded room and noisy conditions.
This was what a deaf person mentioned in a
newspaper interview.


— ADA law vs medical confidentiality law

A mess of a lawsuit that the Maryland judge admitted
it was. ADA requires interpreters; the husband of a
deaf patient did not want to tell her what his
medical condition was. He was afraid that the
presence of an interpreter would ruin the
confidentiality of his medical condition.
So, which law is which? An ugly situation it
certainly was!


— a magazine’s crazy claim

The Detective Magazine is for people that love
to read about how fictional crimes are solved.
It said that hearing impaired readers can benefit
from audio broadcasting of articles in that
magazine. For the deaf people that cannot
discriminate sound, how?



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