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DeafDigest – 04 October 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 4, 2019

— not allowed to touch patients

Alexandra Adams, who is deaf-blind, will become
the first deaf-blind physician in Great Britain.
While she was attending a medical school she was
warned by hospitals not to touch patients
during their medical exams! She said the warning
was discriminatory because doctors always touch
patients to look for their medical problems.
Yes, the hospitals backed off on their
discriminatory warnings.


— weird captioning

Sometimes captioning is weird. In a sports bar
two TV sets were showing the same sports event.
On one TV the captions were shown. On the next
TV set captions did not show up at all. Or
of captions that seem to dance around. Why?
maybe the cable carrier messed it up. Maybe
the video distributor messed it up. Maybe
there was a bad modem or a bad router?
Would complaints to FCC help? DeafDigest is
not sure.


— New York’s ASL-signing EMT first responder

Bryan Gallagher, New York City’s new EMT first
responder, knows ASL because his sister is deaf
and the family uses ASL to communicate with her.
In a TV interview, Bryan said he hopes to be able
to help the deaf in need of emergency medical
responses. Hope so, because it all depends on
where he is stationed at, and where the emergency
takes place. New York City is that huge and one
just cannot zip around the city in matter of



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