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DeafDigest – 07 October 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 7, 2019

— a disappointing dismissal of an interpreting lawsuit

The Utah Shakespeare Festival refused to provide interpreters,
instead providing only the captions. When the deaf groups
protested, the festival people mockingly challenged them
to go ahead and file a lawsuit. They did, and the judge
quickly dismissed it, saying captions is sufficient.
The deaf group is now pondering its next move.


— Gene Editing; Russia vs USA

Seems Russia is in a hurry to “win” the Gene Editing
race. They’re pretty much pushing hard with this race.
The Americans, because of ethical concerns and possible
long-term medical consequences, want to take it slow
and careful. What this means is that removing the
deafness gene has become a priority with the Russian


— Deaf Greenhouse wishes to encourage the deaf

H Street Greenhouse, in Washington, DC, is not a
greenhouse for gardeners but a workspace for
future deaf entrepreneurs. It is not too far from
Gallaudet. This group is hoping to attract deaf
architects, engineers, developers, construction
managers and so on. Not too long time ago,
a deaf instructor in the Gallaudet Department of
Business pushed for such an incubator site for
future deaf entrepreneurs. He was not successful.
Is H Street Greenhouse sort of same as Weworks?
Sort of, in a way, yes!



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