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DeafDigest – 08 October 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 8, 2019

— an article for movie-lovers disrepects Marlee Matlin!

An article in a movie magazine said that Marlee Matlin is
one of the greatest acting one-hit wonders. It implies that
she “disappeared” after winning the Oscar for her “Children
of a Lesser God.” The writer does not realize that
Marlee has moved on to a lengthy career in acting in
TV, stage and TV with 66 acting credits – much more than
the average hearing movie actors!


— Supreme Court says no to ADA with technology

This is scary. The Supreme Court refused to take
a case on a blind peron not able to use web sites
– and had the case sent back to lower court. Who
knows – future deaf and technology discrimination
cases may be refused by the Supreme Court.
Scary? Yes.


— Los Angeles won’t listen to advice from deaf

Deaf students wanted to give input (hint – Deaf Space)
to the city of Los Angeles on construction of a new
school building. The city refused to listen; as a
result, there is a lawsuit for that reason.
Deaf people know better than hearing architects
and hearing engineers on what is best for them!



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