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DeafDigest – 10 October 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 10, 2019


— city council meeting captions delayed until 2025

Orillia, a city of some 30,000 people, has agreed
to postpone city meeting captions until 2025.
The reason is cost – approximately $20,000
in annual costs. ADA? No, Orillia is in


— OK to start a career at the bottom

For some reason a good number of deaf graduates
from colleges do not like to start at the bottom
while beginning their careers. They want to
start at the top. It was different with
deaf chef Kurt Ramborger. He started his
restaurant career as a dishwasher, before
beginning his upwards climb.


— fifth largest deaf population in USA

A public official said that Tampa Bay has the
fifth largest population of deaf residents
in USA. Fifth largest? What about metro
areas of Washington, DC, Rochester,
Frederick, New York, Austin, Fremont,
Los Angeles, Chicago? Tampa Bay bigger
than any of these areas? DeafDigest
editor isn’t sure!



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