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DeafDigest – 15 October 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 15, 2019

— these surprise hearing babies

There have been stories of deaf couples that only
want deaf babies. There have been many cases of
generations of deaf families surprisingly giving
birth to hearing babies. And these surprised
parents end up loving their hearing babies!


— Deaf Uber drivers’ issue with surprised passengers

A deaf Uber driver sends a text to a passenger informing
him of his deafness. The passenger apparently does not
fully realize it and is surprised when the driver is
deaf. This has been the issue these deaf drivers
have with them.


— Old boss and New boss

It is almost always the same old story that the old
boss liked a deaf employee and gave him accommodations.
And the new boss, not liking the deaf employee, would
give him a hard time. It has happened to Walmart,
which by the way, has many deaf employees (in these
lower entry positions)



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