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DeafDigest – 16 October 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 16, 2019

— a twist to a new ADA discrimination lawsuit

Lawsuits often come with twists, and there is one –
a Dairy Queen outlet in Tennessee has been slapped
with an ADA violation lawsuit. The accusation is
that the employer failed to adjust the health code
to accommodate the employee’s cochlear implant!
DeafDigest editor does not know what to make of it.


— back and forth deaf and hearing, now deaf

For some reason the leading Hawkeye Comic
character was hearing and then became deaf
and the back to hearing. And now this –
the new series – Marvel’s Hawkeye: Freefall,
to come out in January 2020, the character
is now deaf. Why not just remain deaf
instead of switching back and forth?


— Minnesota’s deaf judge

Judge Paul Benshoof, Bemidji, MN, was
voted as one of Minnesota’s “50 over
50″ and he is deaf (but functions as
a hearing person). We have had a number
of judges that were deaf, but don’t think
we’ve had any of them reaching out to
help the deaf. Judge Benshoof is
different. He was praised for his
advocacy on behalf of the deaf.



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