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DeafDigest – 17 October 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 17, 2019

— hands-on captioning vs AI-created captions

Which is best for the deaf – hands-on captioning vs
AI-created captions? Hands-on captioning is always the
best; AI never wins – but hands-on is expensive while
AI is very inexpensive. Your choice! DeafDigest
editor selects hands-on all the time always.


— Jacksonville (Illinois), yes, other deaf communities, no!

The City of Jacksonville council passed a resolution to
support always-on TV captions. Will hearing businesses
listen? Hope so, because it is where Illinois School
for the Deaf is located. A resolution means nothing
unless the business people use their hands to turn
on the captions for good. Other deaf communities –
Frederick, Fremont, Indianapolis, etc – do these
town councils pass these captioning laws? No!


— telling the deaf about bad weather

A city said it is not easy to tell the deaf about
weather problems. If there are blizzards and hurricanes,
it is possible to have an interpreter on TV. But if
there is a tornado, no, not possible. Same with
earthquakes. This is why these cities depend on
the internet to give updates to the deaf. But
if internet captioning is bad, then it is another
problem. This is a big issue that the National Oceanic
and Atmospheric Administration is worried about.



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