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DeafDigest – 18 October 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 18, 2019

— a national park for deaf people that love to travel

Deaf people love to travel, just that interpreters
and captions are required. A spokesperson at the
Yosemite National Park said:

We are the longest-running deaf services program in the
National Park Service


— almost 2,500 complaints

A hearing disabled woman filed nearly 2,500 complaints
regarding these ADA violations. She did, however,
file no-captions complaints on behalf of the deaf.
DeafDigest hopes that the national legal
system would not collapse over these excessive
filings! Anyway, a big question – were the deaf
people first consulted about her complaints
or was it filed without asking the deaf?

(hint – hearing people deciding what is best
for the deaf without asking the deaf first!)


— deaf filmgoers not important in one movie theater

In Great Britain, a movie theater invited a group of
deaf people to watch a preview of an upcoming
horror movie, saying it will be captioned. The
day came, and the movie wasn’t captioned. The
movie management said many hearing people showed
up and that was the reason the movie wasn’t
captioned. Yes, the deaf people were angry and
are now hitting the social media about it,
including a newspaper headline.




Deaf jobs – latest update

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